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Northern Beaches Renegades will be conducting representative trials for Junior State Cup 2024,  see all information below.


Saturday October 14th –

Venue– North Narrabeen reserve.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your trial time to register at the desk.

Trials- Squads will be announced after the first trial with a 2nd trial date to be held mid week (TBA) 

Boys 10s and Girls 10s- 8am-9.15am

Boys 12 and Girls 12s- 9.15am-10.30am

Boys 14 and Girls 14s 10.30am-11.30am

16 & 18 boys & girls- please complete the EOI survey by October 9th. A date will be announced after Saturday 14th.


Teams confirmed after a few training sessions.

Note- players to wear Friday night or Monday night numbered game shirt to trial.

NO REP GEAR– this includes singlets, shorts & tights.

If your unavailable to trial –



All players must be financial and play in the 2023 Junior or senior summer Competition to be eligible to trial.

1ST TRIAL- Is compulsory for all players. Returning rep players will have the opportunity to be added to the squad for a 2nd trial and must submit an unavailability’ form. – https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LKHTR6N

Junior State Cup Northern Conference


February 23rd 24th 25th 2024

NOTE- The club does have accommodation which will go to new younger players first. We currently have 3 hotels booked which should cover most teams.

Any further queries please contact our junior rep director Heath Cooper- reprenegades@yahoo.com

Age Divisions

Under 10s- 2016, 2015, 2014

Under 12s-  2012, 2013

Under 14s-  2010. 2011

Under 16s- 2008, 2009

Under 18s- 2006, 2007

Tournament Dates

NSW touch Northern Conference Junior State Cup is to be held February 23rd to 25th,  2024 in Dubbo.

STATE FINALS- Sunday March 3rd, Tempe Velodrome Sydney.

Gala Days leading up to JSC 2024

Battle of the Beaches Gala Day – Renegades, Walsh Street, North Narrabeen- COMPULSORY 9th December 2023
Mets Gala Day – Penrith Touch Fields, St Marys 17th December 2023
Christmas Cup / Sharks Gala Day – Taren Point Touch 20th December 2023
Scorpions Day –  Nolan Reserve, North Manly- COMPULSORY 20th January 2024
Penrith Gala Day – Penrith Touch Fields, St Marys 21st January 2024
Balmain Gala Day 28th January 2024
Parramatta Twilight Gala   2nd February 2024
Bankstown Jets Gala Day – Vale of Ah Fields, Milperra- COMPULSORY 4th February 2024
Junior State Cup Northern Conference, Dubbo 23rd – 25th February 2024
Junior State Cup Finals, Tempe 3rd March 2024


There are several expenses required to be paid if selected.

NSW Touch Tournament entry- is approx $99 per player

Northern Beaches Touch team levy- will be $350 to $400 as an estimate. This includes Entry into Renegades/Manly Battle of the Beaches gala day, team playing gear which includes- playing singlet, shorts/tights, training singlet, cap, drink bottle, off field t-shirt. Tent costs, referees, awards for presentation night. (We still haven’t received suppliers costs which may change the estimated levy price)

Training Commitments- All teams will train a minimum of 1 day a week leading up to Christmas. These training days will be decided by the coach, which normally fall on an afternoon mid week. After Christmas there may be weekend training days included. You are expected to make touch trainings a priority if you choose to play at a representative level. If this commitment is not made a player can be replaced by the shadow player.

Accommodation- The club has secured some accommodation for Under 10s and new players. Otherwise you must find your own accommodation. We recommend looking into this ASAP.

If for any reason a player pulls out of the team the uniform cost will not be refunded.

Further queries please make contact with our Junior representative Director Heath Cooper- reprenegades@yahoo.com

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