Where can I play?

Our competition is run at North Narrabeen reserve for the Juniors on a Friday night from September to the end of November start of December. It is a Monday night for the adults from September through to December also run at North Narrabeen reserve ground.  We run a Winter adult comp from April to the start of July at North Narrabeen reserve. 

How do I register?

We use an online registration system and you can find further information on this under the Registration tab.

How Long will registrations open for? Once age groups fill up the system will close automatically. Dont wait for us to advertise that its about to close. We cant predict how quickly it will fill up. Register your team name ASAP, it doesn’t cost anything to do this. We recommend at least one player registers to your team at the time of registration or risk it being removed from the competition.

How much does it cost?

Adult comp– We charge our registration fees per player. This seasons fees for winter comp are $90.00 per player, with summer comp costing around $130.00 per senior player. There must be a minimum of 10 players registered per team. (This covers referee fees, insurance & team ball)

Junior Comp– New for season 2019 was an individual payment of $98 per player for Under 7s to Under 17s, we will be using this again in 2023. To register a team you must access the online rego process, there is no fee to do this. Although we do require at least 2 players to be paid and registered into your team at the time of team rego, otherwise your team will be removed from the competition. You will then receive a team code or email which you pass onto your players. When they register online into your team they will need a credit card, unless they choose to use the “active kids voucher”. Once payment has been made you are unable to use the voucher unless you choose this form of payment at the time of rego. (There are no refunds for vouchers if you change your mind)

Who organises the teams

Anyone can organise a team. All they need to do is find players, think of a team name and register your team name through the registration link.  Once you have registered your team a team code will be sent to the Manager who will forward onto all players so they can enter their details in the system for insurance purposes & individual player payment.

Do players need to show birth certificates when registering

No they don’t, we operate on an honesty system. If your caught playing in the wrong division you will be asked to leave the team your in and join the appropriate age group. Your team will also lose competition points.

When will I be playing?

Juniors start from 4.30pm through to 7.50pm being the last time slot on a Friday night. (We always roster younger age groups early through to the eldest at the end of the night) All games are at North Narrabeen reserve every Friday. 
Senior comp- Starts at 6pm with 8.20pm being the last time slot.

How do I know what time I play?

Once registration closes a draw will be formulated and posted on the website so you can check what time you play every week under the Fixtures and Results tab. Touch competitions are played at the same venue every week.

How long do the games go for?

Junior comp- Season 2023 will be running as 25 minute halves so we fit all teams in the competition. (no half time)
Senior comp- for winter 2023 we will be running straight 30 minute games so teams can move in play and leave.

How many players can be in a team?

6 players are on the field for U11s through to Open level. For U7s & U9s there is a maximum of 5 players on the smaller field. We require U7s to U9s to have a minimum of 8 registered to their team. For U11s up to U17s you must have a minimum of 9 players registered to your team. For juniors there will be a maximum number of players you can register. U7s and U9s it will be 9 players and U11s to U17s it will be 11 players.

Can I play in a mixed team?

Girls are able to play in the boys comp if they choose to. If your organising a team of girls and have just one boy you must enter into the boys competition. We do not run a Mixed division in the junior competition. 

Seniors– There is a minimum of 10 players per team required for registration in the senior competition. For Mixed divisions a maximum of 3 males can be on the field at any one time. If your team does not want 10 players registered you need to email to association – northernbeachestouch@gmail.com

How many players on the field at any given time?

U7s to U9s- 5 players on the field (they play on a half size touch field)

U11s to U17s- 6 players on the field at any given time

Seniors- 6 players on the field at any given time. Mixed comp- 3 males, 3 femals at any given time. 

Can my kids play with me?

To be eligible to play in our senior competition you must be turning 14 at anytime DURING THE COMPETITION. Players younger than this age will be accepted on a case by case basis.

Can I join a team as an individual?

JUNIORS- You can only register as a team. If your an individual looking for a team we suggest you form your own team to enter the competition with your childs school friends or winter sport friends.That way you know you will definitely get into what is a very popular competition.  If this is not an option and you cant form your own team or find anyone who has space for your child please email us as a last resort. (These emails will be attended to once all teams are registered and we know who needs extra players) We will add your child to a wait list and contact you closer to the competition starting. We cant promise to find your child a spot in a team unless there are teams that are short.


ADULTS- We will make a facebook post for any individuals looking for a team. Lots of people have connected and found thier “forever team’ this way.

Can I referee?

All new referees are welcome. Please email your availability. Referees are paid according to their experience.(northernbeachestouch@gmail.com)

Do I need to wear a uniform?

Juniors– Are issued with a team Tshirt that you must wear. The club will issue Tshirt sizes unless you request at the time of team rego that you need different sizes to the kit size.  Each player will supply their own shorts/tights to play in. We highly recommend touch football boots (please no metal  studs) Please NO writing or printing of any type on the Tshirts. We have sponsors on the shirts who support the club!!
Senior comp– Everybody in your team must wear the same colour shirt with a number on the back. The colour, design, style etc. of the shirt is up to your team. We can provide your team with a tshirt if you email us with your request. If you take this option it will be $15 per shirt. Footwear – As touch football requires a lot of agility during play we highly recommend a touch football boot to play in. Please no metal studs!

How many rep players can I have in a junior team-

Please take note of the ‘new’ rep player rule for teams.

This will be put in place for this season under the hope that everyone abides by the rules. If a team breaches the rep player rule they risk being moved from the competition until they are under the point cap.

These rules are in place to make the competition enjoyable for everyone. The majority of teams play park touch for the love of the game, to play with their friends and to just have a fun run around on a Friday night.

Teams with rep or dev players have a Max of 10 points. (Max of 5 Renegades players)

  • 3 points – ‘REP’ player remaining in their correct age group [eg a 14Rep playing U13s again]
  • 2.5 points – ‘Development’ player remaining in their correct age group [eg a 14 Dev playing U13s again]
  • 2.5 points – ‘REP’ player moving up to their correct higher age group [eg a 12 Rep playing U13s]
  • 2 point – ‘Development’ player moving up to their correct higher age group [eg a 12 Dev playing U13s] and dev/rep player that is 11 or below playing under 13s


Do you have mixed teams in the junior comp– No we dont! but you are able to have a mixed team in the boys competition. For obvious reasons boys are unable to join a team in the girls comp.

What happens if I have a whole JSC rep team that want to play together-  The only way that a whole team of rep players can stick together is to join the Adult Monday night competition. They need to be 14 years of age to qualify.

Can I become a sponsor?

The club is always looking for sponsors. Please email us at- northernbeachestouch@gmail.com and we will be able to supply you with our sponsor options. We offer a great opportunity for your business to get some exposure through our socials, website, Team Tshirts & representative gear.