Northern Beaches Touch Association– Here at NBT we have a few basic park comp rules in the juniors so the competition is run fairly and smoothly.

  1. No player is to play for another team in the same division that their registered in.
  2. You can have a minimum of 4 players before you have to forfeit the game. You are able to borrow from the age group below. You can not borrow from your teams division.
  3. Under 7s are the only division that can’t borrow from the age below as their isn’t an age below.
  4. E.g Under 9s can only borrow from Under 7s unless its the Under 9 boys they can borrow from the Under 9 girls division.
  5. If your playing up an age group you are able to drop down and fill in for your own age division. E.g your registered in the 15s comp but should be in the 13s, you can drop down for a game if needed.
  6. There are to be only 3 rep players per team.
  7. You are only to borrow 2 players maximum from another team if your short. 
  8. No teams are to borrow current rep players just to get the win unless they ask their opposition first.
  9. If you need clarification on this rule please check with us at the desk on the night of competition.
  10. Under 7s have one modified rule- The defending team are not to move until first receiver has received the ball from dummy half. All other rules are the same.
  11. Under 7s are able to have a coach on the field with them for the whole season.
  12. Under 9s there are now NO coaches on the field. They must coach from the sideline.
  13. Player substitutes mid game must happen from the sideline where the coach is. NOT from the back of the field.

Semi Finals– Under 7s & Under 9s will play top four teams in their division. 1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd.


NOTE- If your team during the season didn’t turn up to a game without a 24 hour notice of a forfeit they will be unable to participate in a finals series.

Under 11s up will cross over where there are 2 divisions in the one age group. e.g Under 11 boys white 1st on the ladder will cross over to play Under 11 Boys Blue 2nd on the ladder.


Playing Rules

Click on MORE to download the 7th Edition – Touch Football Australia Playing Rules

7th Edition Touch Football Rule Book.pdf


Drop Off Rules

THE DROP OFF PROCEDURE (as per 7th Edition Rules NSW Touch)

i) When the match is drawn at the expiration of full time, the referee will wait until the ball is dead, halt play, then signal to the tournament control area or a tournament official that the game is drawn. A one (1) minute break will occur prior to commencement of the “Drop-Off”. Each team will reduce their playing strength by one on-field player.

ii) The Drop-Off commences with a tap from the centre of the halfway line by the team who won the toss at the commencement of the game. Teams continue to play in the same direction as they finished the game. Substitution of players is permitted at any time as per the normal interchange rules.

iii) At the conclusion of two minutes of extra time, a signal is sounded and the referee will stop play at the next touch or dead ball. Each team will then reduce their on field strength by one (1) player.

iv) Play will recommence immediately after the players have left the field at the same point in the play where it was  halted; (i.e. the team retaining possession at the designated number of touches, or a change of possession due to some infringement or it being the sixth touch).

v) The clock does not stop when the hooter sounds at the two minute intervals, as there is no time off during the Drop-Off.

vi) At each subsequent two minute period a signal for another player to drop off, will be sounded.

vii) Once the teams have been reduced to only three players each, no further drop off of players will occur, and the match will continue until a touchdown is scored. Should a player be sent off for the remainder of the match when teams have only three players each, the offending team will forfeit, and lose the match.

viii) During the Drop-Off, before a winner can be declared, both teams must have had possession. If a team scores before their opponents have had possession, the touchdown counts and the match commences as per normal after a touchdown is awarded. Once possession is lost the winner is then confirmed. 

ix) The decision on which player will drop off is entirely up to the team management, that is the captain, coach, etc.

x) A player/team wasting time at a drop off will be penalised at the mark for recommencement of the match.


Notes for Players

a) During the original match, if a player has been sent from the field of play for the remainder of the match, that player cannot participate in extra time.

b) A team that had a player (or players) dismissed from the field of play for the remainder of the match will commence extra time with a reduced number of players. Thus the team will commence extra time with four (4) players if one (1) player had been sent off and three (3) if two players had been sent off.

c) At the drop off time, each team will still reduce their playing strength as per the rules, thus ensuring the one team will have the player advantage as per in the match. Once a team reaches only three players, no further drop off of players from either team, will occur. Injured players can be replaced at any time.