For all 2020 season referees who would like to return for Friday night (or Monday nights) 2021 competition please request to join the ‘Referees Northern Beaches Touch” Facebook page. (You will find this by accessing the NBT Facebook page & selecting ‘groups’)

We will be hosting a Level 1 referees course pre junior season & offering it to 20 people.

DATE- TBA – (We will post a date as soon as we know when the junior comp can start)
VENUE- Rat Park
TIME- 6pm to 8.30pm.

If we need more refs we will consider hosting another course.

Please email if your interested in attending the course. (There will be no fee)


Referee Rates

Senior Park Competition Referee Rates- (this table is a guide)
Snr Single L3+ Snr Single L2 Snr Single L1 Snr Buddy L3+ Snr Buddy L2 Snr Buddy L1
$30 $25 $20 $15 $13 $10
Junior Park Competition Referee Rates
Jnr  L3+ Jnr  L2 Jnr  L1 Jnr  L1 1st year Jnr L1 Buddy  
$20 $18 $15 $10 $8  


Rate for Under 7s and Under 9 games- All referees on these age groups get paid $10 a game.


(if your name is not on the roster I didn’t get a text from you with availability on Monday or It may be a case of me having to share the referee duties around)


WEEKLY ROSTER– Will be published here once the season starts. 





All games are straight 25 minute games, touch down turn around rules. Under 7s will not do this, the manager or coach can toss a coin to see which way the team runs. If the referee feels they need a break blow the whistle and just take 2 minutes so they can rest and have a team talk. 

All referees please report to the desk at least 10 minutes prior to your game. Some of you will be buddy refereeing which means we do not want 2 of you on the field at once, you must interchange.  We will explain on your arrival. Drop off rule will also apply which we will remind everyone of.


IF YOUR RUNNING LATE- Please text us ASAP- You all have Georgia’s number.


STAND BY REFEREES- Often we roster referees on as our reserves incase somebody is running late or gets hurt. You still get paid to be on ‘stand by’ so please don’t wonder away from the desk area. If you arrive and don’t see your name on the roster but it was on the website please come and find Georgia.


  • Any referees who are interested in going up to JSC 2022 in February please let me know. We also have gala days around Sydney leading up to this tournament that we need refs for. If your keen its great money and will improve your refereeing skills. It is for rep teams from Under 10s to Under 18s. 


referees- If your not on the roster for the week you will definitely get a game the following week. We have done the roster based on who texts first. If your name is not here it is because a message was not received before Wednesday morning. Please let us know If we have made a mistake anywhere!!

What to wear- Your own tshirt and shorts, you will be supplied with a referee vest for your game. Please wear football boots or similar to referee in.

If you’ve discovered you have a game that clashed with your referee duty please send me a text ASAP so I can replace you.

Remember your whistle on Friday!