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Congratulations to all the players who have been invited back for a 2nd trial. There were lots of talented kids who turned up on Saturday, thank you parents for supporting your children and getting them to the trials.

Selecting a squad is never easy. As a club we have at least 3 coaches/selectors on each age group. Just because those 3 coaches/selectors didn’t choosé your child on the day doesn”t mean their not great players. If you require feedback please email our junior rep director Heath Cooper – reprenegades@yahoo.com

If your child missed a position in a team there is opportunity to develop and progress your touch skills with specialised clinics. More information on this will be posted soon.

Names listed in no particular order.

NOTE- please wear the same Tshirt you trialed in on Saturday.


2ND TRIAL- Thursday October 19th @ 6pm.

Juliana Noilea”tani
Evelyn Vale
Ella Frithwall
Paisley Teu
Ruby Cooper
Indi Dennis
Holly Scott
Tahlia Selwyn
Maddie Webber
Sienna Milotic
Amelia Berry
Kiki Vatubua
Madelaine Mijas
Skye Beeman
Frankie Ings
Chanel Liarna
Zara Foote
Ava Radel
Georgie Roughley
Lucy Guimaraes
Ava Smith
Jada Makoni
Samara Higgins
Ma-arhleii Paki
Tavia Berryman Black
Bailey Archer
Louisa Burton
Bia Kennedy
Yva Jane-Tu’úholoaki
Aria Sleiman
Tulleah Goodwin
2ND TRIAL- Monday October 16th @5pm
Brock Simpson
Thomas O’Malley
Zane Hall
Alfie Hall
Hamilton Hala
Duke Metuisela
Hudson MacCarthy
Lachlan Williams
William Hargreaves
Parker Tonga
Angus Bown
Solomon Nanai
Tane Webb-Berryman
Luca Dixon
Zac Hall
Tiger Hunter
Iverson Teu’
Luka Kokou
Jaydon Coriabates
Lincoln Habib
Cooper Arber
Archie Humphries
Mason Niuka Pu
Leo Tatola
Arte Kenneth
Caleb Hollyhead
Nixon Roughley
Billy Bowman
Harrison Slack
Hudson Butterworth
2ND TRIAL- Wednesday October 18th @ 4.30pm
Josie Burrow
Kiara Beath
Bobo Paki
Lucia Knight
Kaliyah Berryman
Tiara Berryman-Black
Aisla Maaka
Siella Fotu-Moala
Elke Andrews
Tatiana Nikau
Ruby Hulley
Grazi Bittencourt
Tiffany Raaff
Ava Tringham
Billy Roughley
Claudine Scamps
Olive Lind
Alice Blackburn
Lucy Mower
Kali Hanrahan
Noa Wolthers
Isabella Ross
Matilda Wicks
2ND TRIAL- Thursday October 19th @ 6pm
Hunter Pamata
Kingston Hunter
Oscar Bradburn
Harry Bradburn
Sireli Noilea-tani
Jaiden Kokou
Henry Smith
Tasman Vale
Mason Cooper
Malakye Kennedy
Casper Coulter
Oska Koch
Oscar Geraghty
Kai Hurley
Kai Davies
Callum Stenlake
Henry Kee
Cruz Aquilina
Noah Slieghman
Charlie McDermott
Benny Martin
Kurley rose
Fadi papagan
Axel Wolthers
Rhys Newall
Dylan Webb
Rafi Froggatt
Leo McKay
Harry Benbow
Ryder Northey
Jake Miller
2ND TRIAL- Wednesday October 18th 5pm to 6.15pm

Beau Cooper

Andre Hunter
Eric Daines
Chase Roughley
Henry Stone
Isaac Slatyer
Oscar Kee
Noah Pearce
Samuel Morlaine
Riley Eves
Nathan Longster
Harry Sloane
Harley Marnoch
Isaac Casey
Ewan Keep
Jay Calandruccio
Hayden Carpenter
Tawa Campos
Stirling Stuart
Daniel Corrigan
Luke Wicks
2ND TRIAL- Tuesday October 17th @ 5.30pm to 6.30pm

Lara Murray

Harper Alexopulous
Estelle Grucha
Izzy Martin
Alex Ryan
Amber Hattingh
Beatrix Baldry
Maddison Lazich
Tyra Lee-Hang
Zsa Zsa Burke
Eve Mortimer
Olivia Clarke
Ellshah Paki
Bella Pickering
Frankie Warner
Florrie Butler
Arlei Fizer
Eva Jones
Olivia Parkes
Sara Wilson
Alisha Webb
Ella Menahan
Kiani Martin
Amelia Slack
Layla Tonga
Coco Aquilina
Amara Foggatt
Mia Lokeui
Kendall Kilby
Heidi Lillycrop
Harley Marnoch
Isobel Campbell
Kayla Arundel
Addie Richards

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