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PLEASE NOTE– Check this roster again on Thursday night as it will be updated. We still need some more refs to fill spots.

4.30pm- Tom Drennan, Isaac Carlile, Scarlett Hurley, Tawa Campos, Harrison Newall, Fin Newall, Beau Cooper, Charlie Boyle, Liam Jacobs, Issy Campbell, leah Gardo, Giselle Burke, Kobi Williams, Charlotte Baum, Max Sams, Jordan Scicluna, paloma Campos, Ried Stoyle, Oli Baum, Anaia Cruickshank, Ollie Humphries, Julian Paul. Emma Hayman, Lachlan Jones, Kayla Arundel, Samuel Morlaine, Angus Webb.

5.05pm- Amelia Slack, Matilda Lloyd, Kayla Arundel, Nathan Longster, Jay Calandruccio, Holly Cervantes, Beau Cooper, Lewis Griggs, Tawa Campos, Zane Malone, Liam Hayman, Lachlan Jones, Henry Walmsley, Benji Fiaola, Tate Stewart, Scarlett Hurley, AShton Reimer, Sielo Campos, Oli Baum, Anaia Cruickshank. Daniel Corrigan, Liam Jacobs, Kobi Williams, Eric Daines, Isaac Carlie.

5.40pm- Tom Drennan, Julian Paul, Jay Calandruccio, Lachlan Jones, Kayla Arundel, Jordan Scicluna, Ollie Humphries, Tate Stewart, Reid Stoyle, Liam Jacobs, Walt Earland, Mason Stuart, Benji Fiaola, Holly Cervantes, Henry Walmsley, lachie Frowde, Max Sams, Jas Berry, Harry Stokes, Max McDermott, Elijah Franks, rory Labrosse, Heath Schutt.

6.15pm- Kobi Williams, Ollie Humphries, Julian paul, Sielo Campos, Ashton Reimer, Mitch Stewart, Jackson Harris, Jas Berry, Jesse Galluzzo,  Harry Stokes, Archie Sergi. (need 1 more ref)

6.45pm– Reid Stoyle, Connor Raaff, Lachie Frowde, mason Stuart, Ben Couper, Braden McDougall, Walt Earland, Ashton Reimer, Sielo Campos, Arch Earland, Arch Sergi, Jesse Galluzzo, (need 1 more ref)

7.15pm- MItch Stewart, Connor Raaff, Ben Couper, mason Stuart, Walt Earland, Lachie Frowde, Ted Einspinner, Braden MCDougall, Arch Earland, Archie Sergi,

7.45pm– Walt Earland, Mason Stuart, Arch Earland, Arch Sergi, Connor Raaff, Ben Couper, Braden McDougall,

NOTE– If your a returning referee and not on the roster please contact Georgia ASAP. If your a new referee and would like a game dont forget to message your details to Georgia.


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