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THE DRAW IS SET for Round 1. Please double check your game time and field. All team managers we ask that you educate your players and parents to look at the ‘fixtures & results’ throughout the season.

Round 2 onwards has not been set yet!

FIELD MAP- Has been uploaded to facebook and instagram. PLEASE look at this so you know where your field is before you arrive on Friday. This map will be posted around the grounds. (new field flags haven’t arrived)

Fields 14 & 15 which use to be out on the Pittwater road side are now located on the main stadium field. This is due to the front fields needing maintenance. Big thanks to Pittwater Council for making this happen for us.

We have 220 teams converging on the field tomorrow night. Please note the few reminders below.

DOGS- Please leave them at home. There are lots of kids and balls around and no room for puppys to be frolicking. Every dog owner says “my dog is friendly”…..We believe you, until theres lots of people and balls in the mix.

PARKING- There is parking in Walsh street, Sydney road with a field access path, North Narrabeen swimming pool car park with a short walk or Rat Park stadium car park. Please don’t park illegally as you do run the risk of being booked by council.

UNDER 7S- Coaches are allowed on the field all season. Please be mindful not to interfere with the referee.
UNDER 9S- NO coaches on the field. This must be done from the side line.
SUBBING- Your are only allowed to sub from the side line, not from the back of the field.
U7s and U9s- Are on a half size field and its 5 a side.
U11s to U17s- Are 6 a side and will play on a full size field.

REFEREES- We ask that there is no approaching or talking to the referees. We have a zero tolerance for abuse towards the refs. If this occurs it could result in a points deduction for your team or removal from the competition.

T-SHIRTS- Must be worn by all players with no modifications of the shirts. Your unable to take to the field without a team shirt on.

FOOTWEAR- We highly recommend touch football boots to be worn, metal spikes are not allowed.

SCORE CARD- All managers of younger teams please sign the card with the referee post game. Check the score is correct before signing!

RESPECT- Please cheer for all players, encourage fair & honest play.

ALCOHOL- A reminder all sporting fields are alcohol free zones.

CANTEEN- our first night of operation will be limited with drinks and lollies! Card only.

T-SHIRT- and ball pick up is tonight. A reminder to know your team name, your age and division that their in e.g- white, black or blue. Your unable to request a colour…..There are lots of fun new colours this season.

Thanks everyone for getting your teams sorted. We cant wait to see everyone back on the park tomorrow night.

Northern Beaches Touch Committee

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