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As we head towards our final round tomorrow we ask all teams to check that they have their minimum required amount of players registered. Your team needs to be financial to advance into the finals series.


All age groups with 3 divisions in them will have their own final series. The 1st team will play 4th place and 2nd will play 3rd.

Teams from U11s up to U17s with 2 divisions will cross over, except for some and they are listed below.

7 Boys Don’t cross over for finals

9 Boys Don’t Cross over for finals

11 Boys Don’t cross over for finals

13 boys Don’t cross over for finals

15 boys one pool

17 boys one pool

7 girls one pool

9 girls don’t cross over for finals

11 girls don’t cross over

13 girls Cross over in semis finals top 2 v 2 from each pool (ungraded)

15 girls Cross over in semis finals top 2 v 2 from each pool (ungraded)

17 girls one pool


A DRAW AT FULL TIME IN SEMIS-  In the semi final if there is a draw we will have a drop off from U11s up to U17s. At full time there is to be only 4 players to take to the field. Once 2 minutes is up one player is to drop off. You are able to make substitutions during a drop off.

U7s and U9s will have a 2-3 scoring process so there is no draw at full time.

ROUND 9- You are only allowed to borrow a player from the age group below if your short players. This means if your in the 11 boys division and have 6 players on the night your unable to borrow any players. If your in the girls division you can only borrow girls, if your in the boys division you can borrow boys or girls.

SEMIS- Your unable to borrow any players

UNDER 7s- We ask all Managers from this age group to pick up your team certificates from the desk at the clubhouse tomorrow night.

TEAMS SHORT PLAYERS- If you do not have the required amount of players you will need to pay an extra $90 per player missing to cover your team costs. Please make payment into the below account. Use your team name and age division as a reference.

Commbank – Northern Beaches Touch- BSB- 06220 ACC- 1004 7673





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