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REFEREE ROSTER ROUND 3- Friday Sept 22nd.

4.30– Ben Page, Tawa Campos, Elijah Franks, Lilly Bray, Jasper Moy, Jay Calandruccio, Sam Morlaine, Izzy Martin, Charlotte Baum, Angus Siaccia, Jackson Harris, Emilia Slack, Tate Stewart, Harry Newall, Scarlett Hurley, Benji Fiaola, Lewis Griggs, Nathan Longster, Isaac Carlile, Eric Daines Daniel Corrigan, Max McDermott, Paloma Campos, Issy Campbell, Reid Stoyle, Walt Earland, Charlie Boyle, Oli Baum, Fin Newall, Ashley Dene. Beau Cooper

5.05– .Lewis Griggs, Lilly Bray, Tawa Campos, Sam Morlaine, Scarlett Hurley, Ben Page, Elijah Franks, Henry Walmsley, Daniel Corrigan, Jay Calandruccio, Angus Sciacca, Max Sams, Tate Stewart, Benji Fiaola, Jackson Harris, Nathan Longster, Ollie Kennedy, Eric Daines, Isaac Carlile, Ben Slack, Reid Stoyle, Walt Earland, Liam Hayman, Charlie Boyle, Oli Baum, Harry Newall, Fin Newall, Ashley Dene. Beau Cooper

5.40– Jackson Harris, Ben Slack, Ollie Kennedy, Max Sams, Kobi Williams, Scarlett Hurley, Henry Walmsley, Lachlan Jones, Jas Berry,. Benji Fiaola, Ted Einspinner, Kira Stubbs, Emma Hayman, Holly Cervantes, Liam Jacobs, Max McDermott, Charlie Boyle, Oli Baum, Reid Stoyle, Isaac Carlile, Fin Newall, Harry Newall.

6.15– Jas Berry, Kira Stubbs, Ollie Kennedy, Kobi Williams, Holly Cervantes, Izayah Thomas, Leah Gardo, Emma Hayman, Harry Newall, Mason Stuart, Isaac Carlile, Fin Newall, Theo Froggatt, Reid Stoyle.

6.45–Braden McDougall, Izayah Thomas, Evan Flynn, Lachie Frowde, Kobi Williams, Ben Couper, Theo Frogatt, Fin Newall, Holly Cervantes,  Mason Stuart, Connor Raaff.

7.15–Braden McDougall, Lachie Frowde, Evan Flynn, Izayah Thomas, Ben Couper, Holly Cervantes, Fin Newall, Ried Stoyle, Harry Newall, Isaac Carlile, Mason Stuart, Theo Frogatt, Connor Raaff.

7.45–Braden McDougall, Ben Couper, Evan Flynn, Isaac Carlile, Reid Stoyle, Harry Newall, Fin Newall, Connor Raaff.

All refs will be paid after this round. Please message through your bank account details if you havent done this yet.

NOTE- If you messaged your availability and have been left off the roster please contact Georgia.

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