Nov 24, 2022 | Uncategorized

A few reminders for the semi finals tomorrow night.
You are unable to borrow players if your team is short. Under 7s are the only age group where the coach is still able to be on the field. All Under 9 coaches are now coaching from the sideline.
Players must make substitutions from the sideline not from the end of the field.
A DRAW AT FULL TIME- Under 7 and Under 9 teams will not have drop off to decide the winner. Whichever team finished higher on the ladder will progress to the Grand Finals.
Under 11s up to Under 17s will have a drop off if it is a draw at full time.
Drop Off Procedure- the procedure starts at 4v4 players, whoever defends at the beginning of the game, now starts the drop off procedure. After 2 minutes the team that is winning, wins the game. If it is still a draw there is a pause, a drop to 3v3 and the game commences where it let off. (referees to signal to tournament control at the commencement of the game if there is a drop off)
CANTEEN– The canteen will be open with a reduced hot food menu. There will only be meat pies and sausage rolls, no dim sims or hot dogs tomorrow night.
Good luck everyone and remember to respect the ref, be humble in winning and gracious in losing! Semi finals is a huge achievement.

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