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Hi Everyone,


Thank you parents and players for attending the trials over the weekend. Congratulations to the players selected into the below Junior State cup squads. These squads will train for the next 2 training sessions before a final team is announced. The only age group that has announced a development team at this stage is the 10 girls.

All shadow players announced at the final team selection are asked to attend all trainings leading up to the JSC tournament. It will be up to each coach and the club on how many shadows are selected per age group. This is based off player ability and keenness to train. (normally 2 or 3 shadows per age group)

We will be announcing development teams in the 10 girls, 10 boys and 12 boys only, this is also dependant on coach availability & player availabilty.

Boys 10s 

Squad trainings 

Wednesday 4.30-5.45pm 

Saturday 9.45-11am 

Dylan Webb , Charlie McDermott , Ben Martin , Jake Miller , Kingston Hunter , Ryder Northey , Mason Cooper , Soreli Noilea- Tanj, Hunter Pamata , Zac Calandruccio , Kaden Biddlecove , Thomas Burton , Rafi Froggatt , Jaiden Kokau , Harrison Slack , Sonny Taukitoku, Archie Jones – Hughes , Zack Hall , Harry Benbow

(7 players to drop back)

Coaches – Jonathan Palau 

Assistant coaches 

Riley Mayo & Zach Couper 


Dev team – No training until a coach is announced.

Aubrey Campbell , Connor Drummond, Noah webb , Fadia Papagan , Beau Hargreaves , Rhys Newall , Callum Stenlake , Arte Kenneth , Hudson Butterworth, Jye Lawson.

4 to be omitted.


12 boys squad 

Trainings 4.30-5.45pm Wednesday 

And Saturday 8.30-9.45am

Coach- Heath Cooper

Tawa Campos , Beau Cooper , Jaxson Barber , Stirling Stuart , Kai Hurley , Tate Wooldridge , Taylor Yeates , Cruz Aquilina , Tasman Vale , Cody Drummond , Isaac Slater , Stevie Berryman , Tumua Nikau , Alfie smith , Noah Sleiman , Hayden Carpenter , Liam Hayman , Samuel Morlaine , Jay Calandruccio , Angus Webb , Eric Daines , Angus Sciacca , Oscar Bradburn , Henry smith , Axel Wolthers, Oscar Geraghty , Kai Davies , Malakye Kennedy , Harry Bradburn

12 boys Dev team Coach- Drew Davies

14 boys squad

Training TBA

Coaches- Steve Matthews  & Corey Whittaker 

Kai Cauvin, Reid Stoyle, Will Tartonne, Isaac Carlile, Ethan Robinson, Jack Smith, Bryn Wooldridge, Jamie Links, Ewan Keep, Jayden Richards, Hugh Webster, Isaac Casey, Xavier Matthews, Harrison Newall, Cruz Holmes, TJ Holmes, Axel Coria, Oscar Kee, Nathan Longster, Kaia Kumeroa


10 Girls Squad

Thursday October 20th @ 6.40pm

Saturday October 22nd @ 8,30am

Venue- North Narra reserve.

Coaches – Nicky kennedy  & John kennedy 

JSC team-

Nevaya cooper, Ruby Hulley, Claudine Scamps, Grazi Bates Bittencourt, Josie Burrow, Julianna Noileli-Tan9, Evelyn Vale, Ella Frith-Wall, Mahlia Kennedy, Billy Roughly, Amelia Berry, Kaliyah Berryman, Tiara Berryman, Summer Shortfall, Zalia Black.

(3 players to drop down into the Development team)

10 Girls Development Squad- Training TBA

Coach- David Milotic & Richard Foote

Elke Andrews, Imogeon Rabbitts, Ruby Blundell, Sienna Milotic, Billy Inglies, Ava Smith, Tulleah Goodwin, Ivy Brandt, Mia Hulley, Hannah Sciacca, Zara Foote.


12 Girls Squad

Training- Wednesday October 19th 4.30pm to 5.50pm 

Venue- North narrabeen reserve

Coach- Edith Nathan

Assistants- Edie Burke & Brearna Nathan

Zara Daines, Kiara Beath, Bella Ross, Tiffany Raaff, Olivia Parks, Madison Lazich, Emilia Slack, Arabella Kough, Eve Mortimer, Ella Monahan, Millie Fletcher, Kali Hanrahan, Kendall Kilby, Eva Jones, Lulu Campbell, Tatiana Morgan-Nitau, Saskia Taylor, Florrie Butler, Bobo Paki, Harlow Holmes, Aiyla Pomare, Zsa Zsa Burke, Jun Kinoshito

14 Girls Squad

Training TBA

Coach- Roha Paki

Assistant- Aaliyah Paki

Izzy Martin, Amara Froggatt, Paloma Campos, Jasmin Berry, Giselle Burke, Issy Campbell, Kayla Arundel, Coco Aquilina, Holly Cervantes, Alexa Fulton, Charlotte Baum, Ella Thoroughgood, Gemma Goode, Amber Hattingh, Leah Gardo, Heidi Lilycrop, Zara williams, Ellshah Paki, Chaniel Berryman, Talia Berryman

(4 to drop back and 2 shadows announced)

14 girls Development team- 

Taylah Flynn, Kiani Martin, Matisse Franks, Sara Wilson, Anaya Wilson, Amelie Morlaine, Ruby Dircks, Emma Hayman.

If your child missed selection and you would like some feedback please email our Junior Rep Director Heath Coooper who will be able to provide you with this- reprenegades@yahoo.com

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