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We have nearly hit capacity in most age divisions in the junior summer competition.

Please see status on below age groups-
7 Girls- 2 spots left
9 Girls- 2
11 Girls- 6
13 Girls- FULL
15 Girls- 4 left
17 Girls- 2 left
7 Boys- FULL
9 Boys- 3 spots left
11 Boys- FULL
13 Boys- 3 left
15 Boys- 5 left
17 Boys- 5 left
* Invite your players to join your team & pay.
* INDIVIDUALS ARE UNABLE TO REGISTER -You must be invited to join a team.
* PLEASE DONT- acces the player rego link & hope to join a team
* We will make a post for individuals looking for a team at the end of August
* You can form your own team if you’ve never played.
* T-shirt sizes are issued by the club (pick up date TBA)
* Each team is given a team ball
* Football/soccer boots highly recommended (no metal studs)
* U7s & U9s play on a half size field with 5 players
* U11s up play with 6 players on a full size touch field.
* Our maximum & minumum player numbers are so everyone enjoys the game. Please don’t add more players to your team as your not supplied with extra team shirts.
* If your child would like to form a mixed team they need to enter into the boys division.

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