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Registrations will close August 30th- This may close earlier if age divisions fill up.

U7s to U9s- (BOYS & GIRLS)


COSTS– This will be an individual player cost online of $98.80. There will NO LONGER be a team deposit of $50 to register your team name in the system. Instead when you register your team we will require 2 players to pay & register into your team within a week. By August 1st we will require 9 players minimum to be registered to hold your teams position in the competition.

If you do not have all players by this date your team will be moved to a wait listed position to allow teams to register who have all their team members.


Please note the following years listed determine which age group you will register in.

U7’s born in 2017, 2016 & 2015

U9’s- born  2014 to 2013

U11’s- born  2012 & 2011

U13’s- born  2010 & 2009

U15’s- born  2008 & 2007

U17’s- born  2006 & 2005

U7’s & U9’s is 5 on the field and all other age groups are 6 on the field.

Minimum amount of registered players

U7s and U9s must have a minimum of 8 players registered into your team. You are able to have a maximum of 9 players in your team.

U11s to U17s must have a minimum of 9 players registered and a maximum of 11 players per team.

We will be taking the active kids vouchers again. If you decide at a later date that you made a mistake and would have liked to use the voucher we will NOT be refunding this mistake. Please understand we have a potential 2000 players registering at once.

If a team has not got the required amount of players in their team by round 1 the club will add a player to your team who is looking for a team to join.

Please contact us if you need players so we can advertise this.


Individuals will NOT be able to select a t-shirt size. This will be done by the club when we receive your team rego. If the kit sizing does not suit the majority of your team we will take special requests from the Manager if they request this via email at the time of team registration.

Team Shirt kit sizes-


7 Girls- Size 6 x 4, size 8 x 5 (9 shirts max)

9 Girls- Size 8 x 4, 10 x 5 (9 shirts max)

11 Girls- size 10 x 3, size 12 x 6, size 14 x 2 (11 shirts max)

13 Girls- Size 12 x 4, Size 14 x 7 (11 shirts max)

15 Girls- Size 14 x 2, Size S x 6, Size M x 3 (11 shirts max)

17 girls- Size S x 3, Size M x 8 (11 shirts max)


7 boys – Size 6 x 2, Size 8 x 7 (9 shirts)

9 boys- size 8 x 4, Size 10 x 4, Size 12 x 1 (9 shirts)

11 boys – Size 10 x 4, Size 12 x 5, Size 14 x 2 (11 shirts max)

13 boys- Size 12 x 2, Size 14 x 6, Size Small x 3 (11 shirts max)

15 boys- Size small x 3, Size M x 5, Size L x 3 (11 shirts max)

17 boys – Size M x 4, Size L x 5, Size XL x 2 (11 shirts max)

U7s & U9s will receive 9 T-shirts and U11s up will receive 11 T-shirts.

T-shirts– are unisex sizing. A size 8 shirt is very small and recommended for the youngest age group. A size 16 we would recommend for Under 15 girls. Most U17 boys are in a medium or large.

2022 Rounds- 

R1- Friday September 9th

R2- September 16th

R3- September 23rd

BREAK- Sept 30th/Oct 7th

R4- October 14th

R5- October 21st

R6- October 28th

R7- November 54h

R8- November 11th

SEMIS- November 18th

GRAND FINALS- Friday November 25th

DATE TO BE ADVERTISED T-shirt/ball Pick up night-Time &  venue TBA. Each Manager will collect the team shirts for their players. If you’re unable to do this please nominate someone in your team to pick them up.

No person is to be registered twice in the one division.

No more than 3 rep players – are to be registered in a team of that age groups gender. If you have one rep player of the correct age and 2 rep players for example of a younger age they are still deemed rep players and only 3 will be allowed. If a group of rep players choose to play up from their age group they are now still considered rep players in any division. If a player played for another club at JSC 2021 they are considered rep players still in our park competition.

A team is able to have 4 development players. If they add a JSC player it must only be 3 players regardless of dev or rep.

Game times– first time slot will be 4.45pm, 5.20pm, 6.05pm, 6.45pm, 7.25pm & 8.05pm. (This could change slightly) It will go from youngest to oldest age groups.

Game duration- 30 minute games with no half time.

Divisions– If there are numerous teams in the one age group we will have 2 divisions. They will then cross over at Semi final time against each other. Under 7s and 9s will have their own divisions as we have a big age difference. This age group will be split on ages where it is possible.

Active kids vouchers– Will be back for season 2022 and you will be given the option to use the vouchers when you register your child to a team.

There will be no refunds- for a change of mind in payment method. When you register it states very clearly your 2 options, either Active kids voucher or credit card. Please take note of this when registering your child.

Team registration includes playing t-shirt, team ball, insurance, referees fees, professionally run competition and loads of FUN!

Unpaid players will not be able to take the field until they are registered and paid, NO EXCEPTIONS. Teams that play unregistered players will immediately lose competition points as a minimum and may face expulsion as determined by the Northern beaches Touch Association Committee.

Please note- Once you have registered your team in the system we will not refund your team money for a ‘change of mind’ unless we are given plenty of notice. It is best not to register your team unless you know you have the players. If you need players send us an email as we always have individuals looking for teams.

Registration shut off date– We will close team registrations in the last week of August. If age groups are filling up this may happen earlier. We will advertise the age groups if its getting full.

Please refer to the below link for any pre season touch tips.


The team Registration link will be released July 21st.

In the mean time start gathering your friends to form a team!!

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