Mar 17, 2022 | Uncategorized

Please double check your game time & field before tomorrow night.

Due to some fields still having long grass we have had to move games around.

Under 7s and Under 9s will have a 2-3 point scoring. The first try to be scored will be worth 3 points and all tries after that will be 2 points. This is to avoid ‘drop off’ rules in these age groups.

All age groups from Under 11s up will have ‘drop off’. At the conclusion of the game if it is a draw the referee will indicate to tournament control that there is a draw on the field. We will announce over the loud speaker how many players must start along with a quick recap of the rules.

All teams at the conclusion of games will make their way to the presentation area. As we will commence awards at the end of each time slot.

Team shirts must be worn!

There will be no borrowing of players unless your struggling to field 6 players.

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