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Tomorrow evening junior comp returns with Round 8 of competition.
⚠️Please take note of Covid Restrictions!
All of us here on the beaches are professionals at this now….
⚠️COVID-19 Restrictions
Please make yourself familiar with this information if your attending as a player or parent/guardian,  so everybody knows the rules in place.
  • Teams can only arrive 15mins prior to their first game.
  • Teams must immediately leave after their last game.
  • Teams will play their normal straight 30 minute game with no half time.
  • Each team will only be allowed ONE parent/guardian to their game.
  • Please NO siblings as we need to keep our numbers down.
  • Everybody will need to check in via a QR code Through their team manager, this will be available for pick up by each Manager from the desk at the club house. Or ask parents to sign their team sign on sheet provided at the start of the season.
  • There will be 3 Allocated zones for all fields.
  • You must use the bathroom within your designated zone.
  • We encourage all spectators to socially distance.
  • If you need to cross zones for parking or for another child to play in another zone we ask you to walk the perimeter. Cross near the club house & use the sanitisation station provided.
•DO NOT jump the barrier please 🙏

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